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The Commons

Commons North (220): 974-0042
Commons South (235): 974-0046
Commons South West (Studio): 974-6396

Location: 2nd Floor, Hodges Library,
Rooms 220 & 235
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Last Updated: September 28, 2016




The Commons North
(Room 220)

The Commons South
(Room 235)

The Commons South Studio

58 - Dell OptiPlex 7040 - Running Windows 10

46 - Dell OptiPlex 7040 - Running Windows 10


6 - Apple iMacs - Running OS X 10.10 6 - Apple iMacs - Running OS X 10.10 12 Apple iMacs
  4 - Dell OptiPlex 7040 Express computer stations  
5 - Dell B5460 printers with duplex capability 4 - Dell B5460 printers with duplex capability  
1 - OpticBook book Scanner attached to a dedicated 1 - Dell C3760dn color laser printer 1 - Tabloid Color Printer
  6 - Canon CanoScan LiDE 120 scanner- available for checkout  


 7-Zip File Manager (Labs Utilities)
 Abaqus 6.12 (Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
 Adobe Acrobat Distiller DC
 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
 Adobe Animate CC 2015
 Adobe After Effects CC 2015
 Adobe Audition CC 2015
 Adobe Bridge CC
 Adobe Character Animator
 Adobe Digital Editions 3.0
 Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015
 Adobe Edge Animate CC 2015
 Adobe Extension Manager CC
 Adobe Extension Manager CS6
 Adobe Fireworks CS6
 Adobe Flash Builder 4.7
 Adobe Fuse CC (Preview)
 Adobe Flash Professional CC 2015
 Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
 Adobe InCopy CC 2015
 Adobe InDesign CC 2015
 Adobe Lightroom
 Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015
 Adobe Muse CC 2015
 Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
 Adobe Prelude CC 2015
 Adobe Premier Pro CC 2015
 Amos 22 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 Amos 23 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 ArcGIS ArcMap 10.4.1 (Graphix) (From Apps@UT)
 ArcGIS ArcGlobe 10.5 (Graphix) (From Apps@UT)
 ArcGIS ArcMap 10.5 (Graphix) (From Apps@UT)
 ArcGIS ArcScene (Graphix) (From Apps@UT)
 Arena (Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Atlas-ti 754 (Text Analysis) (From Apps)
 Atlas-ti 8 (Text Analysis) (From Apps)
 AutoCAD (AutoDesk)
 AutoCAD 3ds Max 2016 (Graphix) (From Apps@UT)
 AutoCAD 2016 (Graphix) From Apps@UT)
 AutoCad Electrical 2016 (Graphix) (From Apps@UT)
 AutoCAD Mechanical 2016 (Graphix) (From Apps@UT)
 Autodesk Inventor Pro 2016 (Graphix) (From Apps@UT)
 Autodesk ReCap (Graphix) (From Apps@UT)
 Autodesk Showcase 2016 (Graphix) (From Apps@UT)
 AutoCAD DWG TrueView 2016 (Graphix) (From Apps@UT)
 Avogadro (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Canon CanoScan LiDE 120 (Scanner & Imaging)
 CDBurnerXP (Audio Video Apps)
 ChemBio Draw 15_1 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 ChemBio Draw Pro 16 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Chrome (Connectivity Apps)
 cLAN (Audiology) (From Apps@UT)
 Codelite (Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Codelite 5_1 (Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Codelite 6_0 (Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 EndNote X7 (Research & Testing)
 Enterprise Miner Desktop (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 EQS 6.2 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 FeMap (Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 FireFox (Connectivity Apps)
 Foxit PDF Reader (Utilities) (From Apps@UT)
 GeoSim (Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 GeoStudio 2012 (Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Google Earth
 HEC-HMS4_0 (Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 HEC-RAS v. 4.1 (Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 HLM 6 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 HLM 7 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 HSC Chemistry (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 HyperChem 7.5 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 ImgBurn (Audio Video Apps)
 ImageJ (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Internet Explorer (Connectivity Apps)
 iTunes (Audio Video Apps)
 JGR (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 JMP 13 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 KNIME 312 (Statisics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 KNIME 321 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 LisREL 872 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 LisREL 9 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 Maple 2016 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Maple 2016_2 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Mathematica 10_4 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Mathematica 11 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Mathematica CDF Player 10_1 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Matlab 2016b (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Matlab 2017a (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 MobaXterm 6_5 (Utilities) (From Apps@UT)
 Mplus 6_12 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 Mplus 7_2 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 MS Office 2016
 MS Office 2016;Access
 MS Office 2016; Database Compare
 MS Office 2016;Excel
 MS Office 2016;Language Preference
 MS Office 2016;OneNote
 MS Office 2016; Outlook
 MS Office 2016;PowerPoint
 MS Office 2013;Project
 MS Office 2016;Publisher
 MS Office 2016;Skype for Business 2016
 MS Office 2016;Skype for Busines Recording Manager
 MS Office 2016;Telemetry Dashboard for Office
 MS Office 2013;Word
 NittyCow (AgVet) (From Apps@UT)
 Notepad ++ (Development Apps)
 Nvivo 11 (Text Analysis) (From Apps@UT)
 Origin 9.1 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Origin 2016 SR1 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Origin Pro 2017 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Paint.Net (Image Apps)
 Putty (Connectivity Apps)
 QDA Miner 5 (Text Analysis) (From Apps@UT)
 R330 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 R 311 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 R 330 32 bit (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 Rstudio 311 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 Rstudio 330 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 Read & Write Gold
 Salt_2008 (Audiology) (From Apps@UT)
 Salt_2012 (Audiology) (From Apps@UT)
 SAS 9_4 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SAS;Enterprise Guide 7.1 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SAS;Graph ODS Graphics Editor (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SAS;IML Studio 12_1 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SAS;IML Studio 12_3 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SAS;Power & Sample Size 12_1 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SAS;Power & Sample Size 12_3 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SAS Studio 3_1 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SigmaPlot 12 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 SigmaPlot 13 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 SPSS 22 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SPSS 23 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SPSS Modeler 14_1 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SPSS Modeler 15 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 Stata 13 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 Stata 14_1 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 Stats 14_2 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 VLC media player (Audio Video Apps)
 WinSCP (Connectivity Apps)
 Wolfram CDF Player 10_1 (From Apps@UT)

 Adobe;Acrobat Pro DC
 Adobe; Acrobat Reader DC
 Adobe;After Effects CC 2015.3
 Adobe;Animate CC 2015.2
 Adobe;Audition CC 2015.2
 Adobe;Bridge CC
 Adobe;Bridge CS6
 Adobe;Character Animator (Preview 4)
 Adobe;Digital Editions
 Adobe;Digital Editions 4.5
 Adobe;Dreamweaver CC 2015
 Adobe;Encore CS6
 Adobe;ExtendScript Toolkit CC
 Adobe;Extension Manager CC
 Adobe;Extension Manager CS6
 Adobe;Fireworks CS6
 Adobe;Flash Builder 4.7
 Adobe;Flash CC 2015
 Adobe;Fuse CC (Preview)
 Adobe;Gaming SDK 1.4
 Adobe;Illustrator CC 2015
 Adobe;InCopy CC 2015
 Adobe;InDesign CC 2015
 Adobe;Media Encoder CC 2015.3
 Adobe;Media Encoder CS6
 Adobe;Muse CC 2015.2
 Adobe;Photoshop CC 2015.5
 Adobe;Prelude CC 2015.4
 Adobe;Premiere Pro CC 2015
 Adobe;Scout CC
 Adobe;SpeedGrade CC 2015
 CanoScan Lide 120 scanner
 Citrix Receiver for accessing Apps.utk.edu
 Google Chrome
 Image Capture
 MS Office Mac 2011
 MS Office Mac 2011;Excel
 MS Office Mac 2011;PowerPoint
 MS Office Mac 2011;Word
 MS Office Mac 2016
 MS Office Mac 2016;Excel
 MS Office Mac 2016;PowerPoint
 MS Office Mac 2016;Word
 Microsoft Silverlight
 Photo Booth
 QuickTime Player
 VLC media player