The Commons - Laptops

6 hour laptops available for check out in Commons South

Phone: 974-0046
Location: 2nd Floor, Hodges Library, Room 235
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Last Updated: September 25, 2023

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45 - Dell Laptops's - Running Windows 10
20 - Apple Macbook Airs - Running OS 12.6

 7-Zip File Manager
 2020 AutoCAD (Graphics) (From Apps@UT)
 2020 AutoDesk Civil 3D Imperial (Graphics) (From Apps@UT)
 2022 AutoDesk Inventor Pro (Graphics) (From Apps@UT)
 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
 Access 2021
 Access 2021 (Office) (From Apps@UT)
 ArcCatalog 10_8 (Graphics) (From Apps@UT)
 ArcGIS Pro 3 (Graphics) (From Apps@UT)
 ArcGlobe 10_8 (Graphics) (From Apps@UT)
 Arc Map 10_8 (Graphics) (From Apps@UT)
 ArcScene 10_8 (Graphics) (From Apps@UT)
 Atlas TI 22 (Text Analysis) (From Apps@UT)
 Atlas TI 23 (Text Analysis) (From Apps@UT)
 Avogadro (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 BehavePlu6 (AgVet) (From Apps@UT)
 Chem3D 22 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 ChemDraw 22 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 ChemFinder 22 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Codelite 6_0 (Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Diff Directories (OIT Research) (From Apps@UT)
 Diff Files (OIT Research) (From Apps@UT)
 EPI Info (AgVet) (From Apps@UT)
 Excel 2021
 Excel 2021 (Office) (From Apps@UT)
 FeMap 1101(Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 FOFEM67 (AgVet) (From Apps@UT)
 Generate Sample XML Files (Utilities) (From Apps@UT)
 Geo-Sim (Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 GeoDA (AgVet) (From Apps@UT)
 GeoStudio_2020 (Science & Engineering ) (From Apps@UT)
 GWR4 (AgVet) (From Apps@UT)
 HLM 7 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 HyperChem 7_5 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 ImageJ 1_54e (Science & Engineering) (From APPS@UT)
 JMP 16 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 JMP 17 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 KNIME 4_3_2 (Statisics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 Lindo_Lingo_14 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Maple 2022(Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Maple 2023 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Mathematica 13_2 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Mathematica 13_3 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Matlab 2022b (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Matlab 2023a (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Microsoft Edge
 MikTex (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Mplus 8_8 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 MXD Doctor (Graphics) (From Apps@UT)
 Notepad (Utilities) (From Apps@UT)
 Notepad++ (Utilities) (From Apps@UT)
 NRC 2001 Dairy Cattle (AgVet) (From Apps@UT)
 Nvivo 14 (Text Analysis) (From Apps@UT)
 Origin Pro 2023b (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Origin Pro 2023 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Oxygen XML Author 221 (Utilities) (From Apps@UT)
 Oxygen XML Developer 221 (Utilities) (From Apps@UT)
 Oxygen XML Editor 221 (Utilities) (From Apps@UT)
 PowerPoint 2021
 PowerPoint2021 (Office) (From Apps@UT)
 PTC Mathcad Prime 40 (From Apps@UT)
 Prod Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (CoB) (From Apps@UT)
 PTC Mathcad Prime 40 (Uncategorized) (From Apps@UT)
 Publisher 2021 (Office) (From Apps@UT)
 Putty (Utilities) (From Apps@UT)
 QDA Miner 2023-2024 (Text Analysis) (From Apps@UT)
 R 410 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 R FileExplorer (From Apps@UT)
 R Studio 430 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 Revit (Graphics) (From Apps@UT)
 SALT 2016 Instructional (Audiology) (From Apps@UT)
 SAP2000 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 SAS 9_4 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SAS Enterprise Guide 83 640bit (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SAS Enterprise Enterprise Miner 153 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SAS Graph ODS Graphics Editor 9_4 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SAS Studio 382 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SigmaPlot 14_5 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 SigmaPlot 15 (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Solidworks 2022(Graphics) (From Apps@UT)
 SPSS 28 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SPSS 29 (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 Spyder (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 SRIM-2013 Pro (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 StataMP 17 64-bit (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 StataMP 18 64-bit (Statistics & Data Mining) (From Apps@UT)
 Vesta (Science & Engineering) (From Apps@UT)
 Vet Med CPRS (Ag Vet) (From Apps@UT)
 Vet Med webHCS (Ag Vet) (From Apps@UT)
 WinEst Calculator (Uncategorized) (From Apps@UT)
 WinEst Pro Plus v15 (Uncategorized (From Apps@UT)
 WinEst Pro Plus v15 (Uncategorized) (From Apps@UT)
 WinEstOST (Uncategorized) (From Apps@UT)
 Word 2021
 Word 2021 (Office) (From Apps@UT)
 Word Stat 2023 (Text Analysis) (From Apps@UT)
 Excel 2021 (Office) (From Apps@UT)